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How does knowing what other traders are doing sound? Carry out sentimental analysis with the sentiment indicator. View the prevailing sentiment on the following instruments:

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Get daily trade ideas from in-house analysis by reading the daily technical analysis*.

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Stay ahead of the market by reading weekly market analysis of different forex pairs*.

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Read detailed and unbiased reviews about different forex brokers.

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Get to know about the different forex bonuses being offered by brokers and how to benefit.

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Discover the different types of forex brokerage models and brokers that exist in the industry.

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Forex Basics

Technical Analysis

Types of Forex Charts
22 July 2020, 16:05
Forex Chart Patterns
22 July 2020, 16:05
What is Technical Analysis?
22 July 2020, 16:05

Fundamental Analysis

Understanding Central Banks
21 September 2020, 05:33
Interest Rates and the Forex Market
22 July 2020, 16:06
Trading Forex During News Releases
22 July 2020, 16:05
What is Fundamental Analysis?
22 July 2020, 16:05
Role of Central Banks in the Forex Market
22 July 2020, 16:05

Trading Platforms



Interact with a rich community of traders at the CrackingFX forums. Share ideas, get answers to questions, helpful information and more..

Forex Trading

Discuss topics such as forex pairs, opening a forex trading account, and other related issues in this forum.

Trading Platforms

Discuss the different forex trading platforms available to traders.

Trading Strategies

Share and discuss trading strategies with the community.

Commodities Trading

Forum for discussion of commodities trading and other related topics.



View live market quotes. Stay in touch with the market even when you are away from your trading terminal.

Forex Calendars

Take advantage of changes in market volatility due to forex related events by using forex calendars.

forex calendar

Forex Basics

Forex Trading Platforms
22 July 2020, 16:05
Forex Signals
22 July 2020, 16:05
Types of Orders in Forex
22 July 2020, 16:05
Types of Forex Traders
22 July 2020, 16:05
What is Technical Analysis?
22 July 2020, 16:05
History of Forex Trading
22 July 2020, 16:05

Forex Dictionary

Use the forex dictionary to find out the meaning of unknown forex and other related financial lingo.

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forex calculators

Forex Calculators

Calculate different parameters in forex with ease using the forex calculators.

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