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CrackingFX Academy courses are self-paced, informative, and are loaded with practical examples to relate what is being taught to what will be seen in the live markets.

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Learn the ins and outs of the forex market and begin to trade profitably. Our courses are comprehensive and are guaranteed to equip you with knowledge needed to appropriately tackle the forex market.

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Our courses are loaded with practical trading examples and possible applications of the concepts which are being taught.

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By taking our courses at CrackingFX Academy, you will gain the required knowledge for you to be able to understand the market and how it works.

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Seize the opportunity to learn from seasoned traders and become a confident and profitable trader.

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Pioneered by professional traders with years of experience navigating the forex market, CrackingFX is designed to help those who are willing to improve their trading get the required elements. CrackingFX built with an understanding of the prerequisites for success in the financial markets is the ideal platform for traders looking to up their game and grow!

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Test your forex knowledge by taking quizzes that have been designed to test different aspects of forex trading. As well as different levels of knowledge.

* Forex data is gotten from the BIS report April 2019, while the stock market figures are gotten from the CBOE.