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Trading Tools

Ease your trading!!!

Trade forex with ease by using our trading tools. These tools are made available to enhance the forex trading experience, as they are easily accessible, user friendly, and feature rich.


Get access to live and historical quotes of forex pairs, precious metals, indices, and other assets.

  • Live forex quotes
  • Cross rates table
  • Forex heat map

Forex News

Get timely forex news to facilitate your fundamental analysis. Monitor global occurrences in the forex market using our news updates.

  • Forex News
  • Free email notifications

Forex Dictionary

Get the definitions of forex and forex-related words used in the financial markets.

  • 500+ entries
  • Easy search
forex dictionary
forex calculators

Forex Calculators

Need to calculate some forex-related parameters? Use forex calculators to simplify your trading.

  • Pip Calculator
  • Position Size Calculator
  • Profit Calculator
  • Currency Converter

Forex Calendars

Keep track of major and minor economic releases and plan your trading using forex calendars.

  • Economic Calendar
  • National Holiday Calendar
  • Central Bank Rates
forex calendar
trading plan generator

Trading Plan Generator

Generate a trading plan to follow in your trading for free!!!

  • Coming soon...
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